Assuring a service
adapted to your needs.



It's no secret that health care is becoming more and more expensive – a serious illness, an accident, even hospitalisation for something minor, could land you with an unexpected financial burden. So it’s natural that you insure your family against everyday risks.

Health insurance, no matter how good, does not cover all medical costs. We offer a comprehensive cover for these extra costs, which is adapted to your needs and to your budget, such as: hospitalisation for a day or longer, whether in a shared or private room, medication during hospitalisation, prosthetic or orthopaedic appliances, and transport costs. We also cover medical expenses required one month before hospitalisation and up to three months of follow-up treatment, serious illnesses, as well as assistance in case of hospitalisation abroad.

We also offer cover for accidents, whether domestic or on the road, which require medical treatment but not hospitalisation.

We take out comprehensive insurance on a car – should we not do the same for our health?

Every family has different needs so don’t hesitate to contact us to find the cover that is the right one for you.


There are three main categories:

Third party liability: this covers damage to a third party caused by the authorised driver of a vehicle.

Legal protection: in case of legal proceedings following a claim against another insured, or uninsured driver.

Comprehensive: covers material damage to your vehicle by fire, partial or complete theft, damage caused by natural forces, collision with an animal, shattered windows and material damage following an accident.

Advice: In case of accident, keep a cool head. Remember that the declaration of an accident is of paramount importance, when it comes to establishing responsibility. You could save yourself possible legal proceedings by ensuring that any accident report form to be filled is legible with a clear sketch of the event.

Unfortunately, it isn't always a case of, 'this only happens to other people'. Even the most careful drivers can be victims of an accident, or of a careless or dishonest driver who damages your vehicle and then leaves without leaving a contact number or address, or perhaps a tree falls on your car during a storm, or of theft or vandalism.

Our work is to help you predict the unpredictable with a cover as comprehensive as possible.

We cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is to have good 'legal' cover. Legal disputes after road accidents are certainly not uncommon and sometimes it is difficult to assign responsibility to one or other party. Having legal insurance covers you for necessary legal assistance and also lets you choose the solicitor you want.

It would also be in your interests to consider 'Roadside Assistance' in case of an accident, not only in Belgium but abroad, and also 'Driver Insurance', which if you were driving, covers you for physical injury following an accident, medical and eventual disability costs.




Fire insurance is one of the most common policies and not only covers your home and possessions and any costs incurred following a fire, but also weather-related risks such as hail, storm, or flood damage.

It is very important to value your house and its contents accurately and not underestimate them, which obviously, would result in an inadequate compensation for repairs or reconstruction. On the other hand, overvaluing is equally ill advised, as it wouldn't make any difference to the expert's estimation of fire or weather-related damage sustained by your property.

In this respect, not only do we give you practical advice on suitable cover, but we can also give you an accurate estimate of your assets, which, after a period of time, may need re-evaluating.

Though too often ignored, 'theft insurance'these days, is unfortunately, virtually obligatory. We cover theft, attempted break-in, or burglary with violence, which in certain circumstances could also be valid outside your home.

Your indispensible computer equipment is also included in our 'comprehensive' policy – this equally covers your children's computers, even if they are in student lodgings.


When unavoidable problems arise, it is comforting to have someone to fall back on, which is the purpose of our Assistance insurance – to help you find a solution

There are, of course, many kinds of cover, for your family, your vehicles, your luggage, etc. We would study your needs and the policy best suited to your situation and habits. For example, if you travel a lot, you may even consider taking out a 'cancellation' policy.


A good investment and effective protection.

Think about protecting your loved ones and preparing for your pension.

Life insurance is the right option.

Several possibilities are available enabling you to make considerable tax savings (at least 30% on the premium)

- Pension savings scheme (max. € 940 per year in 2013)

- Long-term savings scheme (max. € 2 2260 per year in 2013)

- Private supplementary pension for the self-employed (PSPSE) (8.17% of taxable income up to a maximum of € 2 962,88 in 2012)


There are several types of death insurance, the most well-known being Insurance covering the balance remaining which covers your mortgage and not forgetting financial protection with regard to your loved ones who will receive death insurance in the case of gift.