Assuring a service
adapted to your needs.

Three valid questions to ask yourself:

  • Will my insurance be more expensive if I go through a broker?
  • How do I judge the type of insurance that would best suit my needs?
  • Is a cheaper insurance necessarily less good?


An insurance broker is not necessarily more expensive!

In most cases, the global cost of your insurance (comparative sourcing for the best price and guarantees, and claims handling services if necessary), would probably – in most cases - not be higher if you use the services of a broker, who professionally negotiates with the insurers on your behalf.


Choosing the right package

According to your profile, a wide range of insurance products is available to cover the risks you may incur. Our experts are committed to advising you and fully explaining the conditions and benefits of whatever contract is chosen.


Our offers are specific and relevant

Being an independent company, we can offer you a wide variety of different insurance products for the same asset. This gives you a wider scope in finding the right solution. Rather than give you the products of just one insurer, we can offer you tailor-made coverage from various sources.

The expertise

The best value for money

There's no mystery. You pay for what you get. But if you're on a tight budget, our experts will find you a basic package, an “own label” product, which will suit your pocket and give you the essential, but no-frills cover.