Assuring a service
adapted to your needs.



The most common policies are the general business and product liabilities insurance; these policies are essential for the cover of any extra-contractual damages arising during the course of business.

From the time you set your business up, you, your directors, your employees and any person connected with your company could cause material or corporal damage for which you could be held responsible.

Corporal damage often incurs medical expenses, and in more serious cases, temporary or permanent disability.

Your responsibility as a company owner does not end with the finished product. A defective, or badly made product could mean that the customer makes a claim against you. However, a product liabilities policy would cover you if you were found to be responsible for a faulty product.

Every business and profession needs a specific third party liability cover specific to its needs. Our team will put together the best insurance package adapted to suit your particular situation.


Fire and related risks could bring your business activities to a standstill, along with all the attendant difficulties such as being unable to fulfil orders and the loss of clients. These eventualities need to be provided for and we can help you by anticipating the sort of losses that would potentially need to be redressed, such as new machinery and reconstruction. 


This policy covers costs related to the repair or replacement of tools and machinery damaged by causes other than fire such as operational mishaps, inexperience, or vandalism.


Your colleagues and employees are important to you, but accidents at work are, alas, all too frequent. You are legally obliged to take out Group Accident insurance for all your employees. This policy covers corporal damage sustained by your staff in the work place or on the way to work, as well as any type of accident, without having to prove fault.

Compensation is paid out for temporary or permanent disability and related medical costs are reimbursed. In the case of death, a pension is paid to the widow and to orphans until they reach legal age. In some cases, this compensation has proved to be inadequate. A complementary cover is available that operates 24/24, and which exceeds the statutory minimum, and ensures an optimum cover for your employees from all unforeseen accidents/events.


We all know that the amount of pension a person can expect to receive is not necessarily guaranteed. And because a net payment increase, is insignificant after tax and social security contributions, it might be advisable to set up a capital pension scheme for your employees or create a pensions sub-group with specific characteristics.

Employees and self-employed alike can subscribe to the PLCI, a supplementary pension for the self-employed, or the EIP, a private life insurance, both of which offer interesting fiscal advantages. We are qualified to help you find the best solution for your situation.